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UAV Aerial Precision Agriculture




Get Early Warnings

Spot what your eye can't - nip pest, weed & disease infestations in the bud

Improve Yields

Use time-lapse to study crop health through stages of growth. Spot early anomalies and take corrective action

Save on Crop Inputs

Create application maps and apply inputs only where they're  needed

How does it work

Our system is fast, simple, intuitive and actionable data can be delivered in a very short time. Monitoring your farmland with precision farming UAV drone technology enables us to achieve tasks that would have been previously expensive and time consuming.  With our data, we can generate orthomosaic, NDVI, digital surface models and 3D Modelling all in one. The data can then be exported and shared with other members of your team or agronomists.

The software connects the drone to the internet allowing for its powerful and sophisticated servers in the cloud to plan the flight, run safety checks, and crunch massive amounts of visual data. As the aircraft takes continuous photos during the mission, it captures multiple photos of each distinct feature, from multiple angles. These features are identified and matched by a mathematical process, and aligned on top of each other. The software automatically checks for blurs, occlusions and gaps in data in real time. It then takes corrective action to solve any problems. For example, if a blurry image is detected, the drone is automatically redirected and the image is captured again. Following this, the mission picks up right where it left off.

For more information on our crop mapping service please get in touch with your requirements.

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