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Our Mission

Drone Explorer’s mission is to provide our customers with high quality professional ground up media and inspection solutions for including 4K filming and promotional videos, dynamic aerial photography, industrial and residential building inspection & survey solutions, mapping and environmental monitoring, land building development and waste management surveying, flying the latest UAV remote piloted drone technology to capture amazing aerial images, video and data. Drone Explorer’s team are all CAA qualified pilots and can fly commercial UAV drones.

Drone Explorer has the expertise and equipment to operate safely in complex industrial environments which can often be hazardous. All flights undergo a rigorous safety appraisal & site survey along with risk assessment before flying takes place. 


Nothing else gives you scale & perspective quite like drone aerial photography


UAV Applications

Aerial Photography & Video Production - high quality, high impact imagery and 4K films and videos that will make your business stand out and give it the competitive edge. We also produce high end promo videos for websites and social media platforms.

Drone Building Surveys and Inspections - access to difficult areas & positions with the safe use of a remote piloted drone. The task can be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost to conventional methods and offers a very safe alternative.

Drone Mapping and Survey Data Collection - using state of the art UAV technology to produce high quality imagery for applications including construction planning and monitoring, infrastructure inspections, archaeological site surveys, erosion evaluations, forest management, post disaster assessments and many more…

Property Photography - aerial footage for residential properties and commercial buildings truly provides a unique, dynamic and inexpensive solution to enhance a property's appeal which makes for a very powerful marketing tool.


Drone Explorer produces high quality, high impact imagery that will make your business stand out and give it the competitive edge. Drone Explorer works closely with design agencies and web developers to create bespoke unique imagery for their clients. We also work one to one with local businesses from all sectors helping to promote their products and services through stunning imagery.

Our UAV's can operate up to 400ft giving a unique view of the world below. Nothing else gives you a scale and perspective for your project quite like photographing and filming from above.

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