Aerial 3D Modelling & Visualisation


Using the latest Drone technology and software to create photo-realistic 3D point-cloud and mesh models of structures and landscapes


3D modelling and visualisation is hugely beneficial to building, landscape or urban design projects. 
In the early stages of design, it can be used to test out design concepts. At later stages, it can be used to demonstrate the benefits of the project to stakeholders, potential funders and for planning purposes. 

Using the latest in high definition 3D technology, we capture accurate survey data. From the resulting point cloud data we can produce 3D models. Using orthorectified photography, we can accurately render the 3D model to produce detailed visualisations for new designs or as-built surveys of buildings, land and civil structures.  



 Aerial UAV 3dD Model of a mine

Aerial UAV 3dD Model of a mine

  • Helps to communicate the benefits of a project to its stakeholders, investors and users.
  • Assists with the marketing of a project.
  • 3D models and visualisations can support your planning application.
  • Document and monitor construction sites as they evolve
  • Enables you to visualise a project
  • Erosion evaluations
  • Post-disaster assessments
  • Archaeological site surveys with ease
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